new song saturday: my head by summersick

Indie rock band Summersick hails from Georgia, but their music immediately evokes the delight and adventure of a day trip to a California beach. Following their first release “Out of Town,” their newest single, “My Head,” is beach rock that transports the listener straight to the West Coast.

From the first few seconds, this song makes me think of walking along Santa Monica Pier with a group of friends, or racing down Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible, feeling more alive than ever. It’s akin to a more poppy Blue Album by Weezer track: passionate vocals as well as punchy bass and guitar pull the track together over shimmery synths and powerful drums. 

For its upbeat sound, the song carries some heavy lyrics about feelings of uncertainty and not recognizing one’s self in the mirror. It’s an eerie contrast, but it only lends the track that much more depth and rounds out the listening experience. At some points, the lead singer even sounds choked up with emotion, which only adds to the delightful hysteria of the fast-paced instrumentation. There’s a bit of distortion going on that really enhances the song, emphasizing its haunting lyrics. In a striking move, the song ends on a minor chord, which almost seems like a confirmation that it’s much darker than what it seems on the surface. It’s a perfect way to pull together this dance-y yet depressing jam–I, for one, can’t get it out of my head!

Listen to “My Head” here:

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