new song saturday: blueprint brain by benchmark

Meet New York four-piece band, Benchmark. This indie-rock band went from having jam sessions in high school to having an impressive selection of released works. Their first EP Blossom, Bloom came out in 2018 and nearly a year later, All of the Possible Outcomes joined it. The most recent single from the group, “Blueprint Brain,” came out just a month ago and makes me think of a mixture of The Strokes and Mom Jeans. An odd pairing, but it definitely creates a unique and comforting sound.

“Blueprint Brain” begins with an introduction that reminds me of an epic classic rock song. It builds until you are met with an upbeat, catchy melody and the words, “These days there’s nothing new, there’s nothing new.” Noticing the title of the song and the lyrics, there is a challenge for you to not become one of the, “copies of the blueprint brain.” Other lines like, “Who are you? And what do you stand for?” and, “Wait for cues to know to speak,” really emphasize this idea. This song has the guitar you could definitely nod your head to. An interesting sound and relevant lyrics; what else could you want out of a newfound song?

Listen to “Blueprint Brain” here:

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