new song saturday: slow drive by south trees

South Trees’ new single “Slow Drive” is a post-punk inspired ballad that really encapsulates the feeling of cruising down suburban streets at night. With a steady beat and bouncy guitars, “Slow Drive” is reminiscent of artists like Beach Fossils and Wallows. 

The song opens with a funky bassline and twinkling guitar riffs that create a melodic feel over the bass-filled beat. The layers of sound in this track make it fun to listen to; you can find something you didn’t notice before in the mix with every play. Influences from surf rock and post punk can be heard in the guitar tones and the style of the vocals from singer Aaron Rodriguez. “I won’t see you asking for my life, I won’t try to be there with tonight” is repeated in the chorus–demonstrating a sense of frustration in the lyrics that contrast the sonically bright and relaxed feel of the song. The track breaks into an echoey guitar solo that sounds distant and mysterious, creating another layer to the already intricate track.

Their first release of 2021, South Trees has really set the bar high with “Slow Drive” and I’ll be looking forward to what they do next.

Listen to “Slow Drive” here:

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