new song saturday: black dog by the polar boys

“Black Dog” is the first of many singles set to be released by Miami-based band The Polar Boys. The song is an eclectic fusion of styles that creates the perfect song to add to your beach day playlist as we’re getting ready for warmer days. The lyrics of the song are about their black labrador who’s always around when the band records, which makes the song that much better to me. 

The song starts with a retro-sounding guitar then immediately jumps into the funky beat that carries us through the whole song. There’s something about that steady drum beat that will have you swaying, it’s undeniably catchy just like the chorus of this song. After the first time I heard the song I had “there’s a big black dog next to me, he’s listening to my melodies” stuck in my head for days. There’s something super charming about this song that almost feels like the perfect mixture of Mac Demarco and Tame Impala. Being a fan of retro-sounding surf-rock and indie rock this song is right up my alley. If a song sounds like a surfer should be blasting from their car you can count me in and “Black Dog” fits the bill, but modernizes that retro sound and makes it something new. 

The Polar Boys, comprised of Andy Zambrana, Alex Ramon, and Andres Baquerizo, have become known for their genre bending style ever since their first release in 2017. Each song on their discography draws on a lot of 60s influences as well as modern indie rock, hip-hop and jazz. There’s a little something for everyone in what The Polar Boys has to offer and “Black Dog” is no different. It’s a great addition to the band’s already stellar discography and I’m excited to see what they’ll release next. 

Listen to “Black Dog” here:

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