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music video review: “headspace” by alms

L.A.-based shoegaze band Alms released their latest single “Headspace” alongside a new music video today. “Headspace” is the second single from their upcoming EP Somehow, Always, that is set to be released this month. This track is a melancholy but nostalgic reflection on growing up and the changes that come along with it.

The music video for “Headspace” features home-video style clips of the band and their friends, giving the viewer the feeling of looking back at the past and reminiscing. The lyrics prove less nostalgic and more cynical, with lines like “somehow, always, people let you down” and “hard to know that sometimes you can’t change it if you try.” The track gives off the same feeling as realizing you’ve grown apart from your childhood friends and looking back on those formative relationships in hindsight.

Director Kyra Morling said about the inspiration for the music video, “I wanted to visually emulate the end of a blissful youth, an eternal summer fading, a truth that cannot be unseen. Sitting in your room, a setting once central to your world, reflecting on what was and the memories that pass through your mind bringing up bygone emotions and feelings.” The video achieves this goal perfectly–it makes the viewer feel nostalgic for something they may have never experienced. 

“Headspace” perfectly portrays a loss of innocence that comes with having to ‘grow up’ and live a more complicated life where “things don’t feel exactly like they used to.”

Watch the video for “Headspace” below:

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