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new song saturday: sonic peace by cryogeyser

Los Angeles’s three-piece Cryogeyser returns with their new single “Sonic Peace” almost a year after the release of their second album, Love is Land. This serves as the lead single off their upcoming album, timetetheredtogether, the remaining piece to a double album.

“Sonic Peace” pulls out of their usual songwriting themes of relationships with others, but still remains as introspective as their past two LPs. The song references images of nature while, in the music video, Shawn Marom switches between playing music in an open field and floating in a riverbed. The guitar swells and crashes as they plead, “breathing gets boring, teaching you how to treat me.” The song feels merciful and inspired, calling to connect ourselves to the Earth in its decomposition, growth, and glory. 

New ears to the rock trio will draw immediate connections to Cocteau Twins with the band’s reverbed melodies and Marom’s sweet, echoing vocals. According to Marom, they’re more “grunge-gaze,” or even “truly-don’t-know-what-I’m-doing-wave” as they said on their Dublab DJ set on Thursday night. However, their new single suggests great focus and direction of their new LP set to release this fall.

Cryogeyser opens for Brutus VIII with Dove Armitage on July 28 at The Echo. The music video for “Sonic Peace” is also out now. Listen below:


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