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song review: “tonight your heart is in pain” by cheridomingo

On Tuesday, rising emo-indie band Cheridomingo (Anthony Avina, Alex Gonzalez, Adam Dubrecki, and Simon Beck) released their new single “Tonight Your Heart is in Pain” ahead of their tour supporting Movements. 

This track can be summed up in its line: “There you are feeling farther / Soaked in neon and color.” “Tonight Your Heart is in Pain” encapsulates the phenomenon of experiencing helplessness and hopelessness simultaneously; feeling so far away, all while soaked in the neon color of optimism. 

The band leans into their indie sound on this track, creating an irresistible leading melody. The first verse tells a tale of a closed off individual, but once the chorus hits, there is a commanding call to action (“Change everything / You know that you’ve got to change everything”). The melody gets flipped on its head, their guitars lifting and crashing to create a feeling of release, as if to find control in letting go.

Following their singles “Swallow” and “Drugs,” this new track reveals a pattern of new sound with the same integrity from their past music. There’s a clear improvement in production and a focus on simple song structuring. Yet, they never fail to create fresh and beautiful chord progressions and their vibrant emotional songwriting remains a pillar of their music.

“Tonight Your Heart is in Pain” goes back and forth between questioning and affirmation, much like humans do. The song ends with the lines “you know what you’ve got and you know you won’t rot so / why does it feel like so much?” weaved between the chorus, symbolic of a paralyzing anxiety of being overwhelmed despite our confidence. But the band keeps on–everything can change at any moment, in your power or outside of it, and it is truly liberating.

Cheridomingo supports Movements with Soft Blue Shimmer on their summer tour through September 2. “Tonight Your Heart is in Pain” is streaming now.

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