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ALTANGELES was founded for the love of music. We are a digital music publication that strives to create a community around underground music, especially in Southern California. Our focus is on anything indie or alternative - anything that exists outside the sphere of the mainstream. We are a small team of writers and photographers that produce unique coverage of artists in addition to promoting local shows across Southern California.

Donna Borges

RIYL: the garden, fashion jackson, 100 gecs

i've loved music for as long as i can remember, but really started finding smaller artists and local music in high school. i started altangeles to share the music that i love by artists that may not get as much attention since they're just starting out! when i'm not going to shows and searching spotify for new bands, you can find me at a coffee shop, taking photos, or cooking a new recipe i found on pinterest!

holly alvaradO

RIYL: erykah badu, the internet, hinds

A Latina journalist who focuses on representing the unrepresented in our local music scenes. A lover of art and music since I was taught a ray of instruments at the age of seven, which helped me grow a passion for it all. I also share a love for a wide variety of genres as that allows me to discover music in different worlds. My goal is to write on artists who also hold the same values that I so fondly believe in. When I’m not writing or hitting a local show, you can find me jamming on the bass, cruising on a skateboard or watering my plants.

gillian johnson

RIYL: peach pit, the garden, grimes

my journey into the local music scene began in my junior year of high school, and since then i have fallen head first into the world of underground artists.  it is all thanks to music that i have been able to meet new friends and do so many new and exciting things. whether it's as a photographer or member of the crowd, you can find me at a show nearly every week. if not, my time is spent being a student, writing scripts, or hanging with friends.

Amelia Zollner

RIYL: sufjan stevens, STRFKR, 100 gecs, alt-j

I have always loved writing, but I fell in love with music journalism after realizing that it was a way to combine my love of concerts with my lifelong hobby of writing. Over the past two years, I’ve had some incredible experiences that have included interviewing some of my favorite artists backstage, stepping into the realm of concert photography, and being able to attend incredible shows that I wouldn’t have had the chance to go to without the lovely publications I write for. Aside from writing and going to concerts, I also love playing the drums!

Sophia Nino

RIYL: beach goons, the haunts, sonic youth

I’m from the Bay Area and have been living in Orange County for the past three years at Chapman studying documentary film production. I grew up in a household that was always playing new wave and punk music and that music taste has continued with me till now. I’ve always loved going to shows and living in a new area I found a sense of community in going to DIY shows in the area and wanted to get involved. I love to write about music and make documentary shorts about music and fashion.

Cazmir Nishi

RIYL: FIDLAR, together pangea

I am a SoCal native who has played music for over 10 years, and been a music lover my whole life. I play bass, sing and write for The Counter Minds, but have played with bands such as: Thee Azmatics, Jade Stone, Rundown Kreeps, No Views, Settle for Crumbs and Canopus. I am a CSUF advertising alumni who wants to work in music marketing and/or copywriting. I have written for school publications, and write poetry in my free time. I love going to concerts, hiking, playing basketball and trying new food places. I strive to make sure that I create music and art for the rest of my life.

Natalie Spina

RIYL: david bowie, the hives, HUNNY

Music is the most fun when shared with other people! Altangeles has been a great way to find people who feel the same way and expand my music taste. Becoming a part of the local music scene supports new artists who care about that specific aspect of a shared experience with music. My love of music stems from my interest in art and film and the visceral experience that happens when all three are combined. So in my free time, you’ll find me doing one of three things, watching movies, making art or studying music!

Emily Sierra

RIYL: hockey dad, HUNNY

Music has been an instrumental part in my life for as long as I can remember. I have loved exploring what smaller, local scenes have to offer, and then seeing those artists grow and develop over time. When I’m not at a show or writing SoCal Sounds and reviews, I’m usually with hanging out with friends, making Spotify playlists that I’ll never make public, watching sports, or back at school in Nebraska lol. I love Altangeles because even when I am away, I still have the opportunity to contribute to the publication and connect with my friends!

Malena Saadeh

RIYL: velvet underground, the doors, drugdealer

I'm Malena and I'm a music journalist from San Clemente, California! I study journalism at University of Oregon and have loved getting involved with different scenes through my work! When I'm not writing, I'm rollerskating and buying records!

Aaron Rodriguez

RIYL: woah, mexican slum rats, lorde

hey everyone my name is aaron rodriguez, im 21, and i love to record music, study politics, and read harry potter. im also in a band called south trees with fellow alt angeles photographer martin! i am in my 3rd year as a political science student at cal poly pomona and am ready to enter the real world. local music is my love and writing for alt angeles helps push the music to new ears, so win-win <3

Riley Hilbert

RIYL: harlem, the interrupters, sex pistols

i believe music unites people through a language we can all understand, helping us through the good, the bad, and the ugly. i play guitar along with a couple other instruments, and am so excited to be able to write with such a rad group of people. i love trying new things, and am always trying to find what will be my next adventure. if i’m not at a show or jamming out at home, you’ll probably find me at your local thrift store!

Armieta Nabati

RIYL: weyes blood, mitski, red hearse

music has shaped who i am and who i want to be throughout my life; it has given me my perception of the world. when i hear music, i hope to hear people's stories: their dreams, fantasies, fears, and realities. as i began listening to more indie and alternative artists and projects early in high school, i fell in love with the unabridged honesty and intrepid deviance of the genres. art has always helped me feel connected to humanity, whether i'm experiencing it live at a concert or blasting my current favorites playlist in my car on the way to pick up groceries. in my free time, you can find me learning a new song on guitar, watching Clueless for the upteenth time, or going out with friends!

Darren Kaiser

RIYL: muse, queens of the stone age, motion city soundtrack

Hi, I'm Darren and I've been a part of the OC music scene for just over two years now. I currently play in three bands (Verum, Joynoise, and Strawberry Army) and I've always been extremely passionate about local music. I've been a big fan of altangeles for over a year now, and I'm incredibly happy to be a part of the team. I can't wait to help push local music as far as I can!

Leo Blumenfield

RIYL: the strokes, chicano batman, ty segall

Hi! I'm Leo I play some music and write some stuff sometimes. Favorites bands are The Strokes, Chicano Batman and Ty Segall.

Dylan Robinson

RIYL: cowgirl clue, orville peck, nirvana

A vagrant soul seeking any lick of gazing at a shoe or popping of dreams amidst a punk-ridden Orange County, but hey, a mosh is a mosh, man. I love, absolutely adore, writing and all the bits of analytical critique that comes along with it. Whether playing a game, taking in a movie or sinking into an LP, I can never get enough of finding just what makes the works that I resonate with tick for me and so many others. Upon expanding my musical tastes over the past two years, I’ve come to appreciate many of what the SoCal scene has to offer in addition to my healthy rotation of established artists. Aside from that, concerts with my girlfriend, video essay binging and plucking my guitar are some of my longtime adorations!

Jackson Munger

RIYL: daughters, bring me the horizon, radiohead

Hey ! I’m Jackson, and like a lot of people here at AltAngeles, I’m a huge fan of everything involving music, especially when it comes to the local scene and all the aspects of it, whether it comes to writing, promoting, and especially performing. I play in a few bands, most notably as a singer/guitarist in Park Avenue. Besides music, I’m also into skating and art. I’m super excited to be part of such an amazing team like this and to see what more we can accomplish.

Athena Burton

RIYL: the regrettes, roy blair, brockhampton

some kids learned how to ride a bike when they were younger but i was usually inside with my little disposable camera taking photos of random things around the house. i’ve taken photography + writing and transferred it into my love for music and being apart of the scene! my recent artists on rotation are the regrettes, roy blair, and brockhampton. also i can make a KILLER lemon cake.

aleah antonio

RIYL: slow hollows, the strokes, tame impala

aleah antonio is a writer, a capricorn, and a lover of music. she has been a student journalist since 2017, ran her own zine in 2018, and now writes about california's coolest artists and bands. when she's not writing, she's probably reading, going to a show, or walking in the sun.

emma hogarth

RIYL: harry styles, DJO, sunset rollercoaster

hi! im emma hogarth and im from socal...or more specifically the san fernando valley! since a young age music has always been such an important part of my life. i always remember at 4 or 5 years old watching the film “almost famous” and wanting to be exactly like the main character will. it was my dream to be able to follow around my favorite artists as a music journalist, writing about their career and who they are as a person. over the past two years I’ve been able to dive deeper into the local and alternative music scene and it has been the best experience sharing the universal language of music as well as my love of writing with so many amazing people. when i'm not writing you can find me watching my favorite films, using my camera, and drinking kombucha!

Nat Cardos

RIYL: redbone, taeko ohnuki, the cramps

Growing up in a strictly Catholic household that venerated the ground that Nickleback walked on, I never saw myself getting into punk music. Hell, I didn’t even know what punk was until 2017, when a classmate (and now best friend) took me to my first show in downtown Santa Ana and introduced me to what I now know as the Southern California music scene. I would argue that if that night never happened, I would be an entirely different person than who I am today, and I know that I’m not the only one who’s had an experience like that. Those kinds of experiences are what drive me to write, and what pushed me towards my current major which is Journalism. But aside from writing, I also play in my band Convict - a hardcore punk mess with Babes in Toyland influences, watch bad horror movies, and buy vinyl I absolutely cannot afford.

carley kershaw
writer + photographer

RIYL: hippo campus, the 1975, tame impala

Hey I’m Carley! I’m from Ventura County California. I don’t think I connect with anything as much as music. It makes me feel understood. I have always surrounded myself with music. I’ve been singing my whole life and play some piano, guitar, and ukulele. Performing is my first love, but I enjoy writing about music and exploring the meaning in all its different layers. I’ve also always loved taking photos but didn’t really get into photography until high school. Now it is also one of my main modes of expression.

Juliana Strbac


Brooke Holder

Photographer + Writer

Lyna Guerrero


Nat Minguez

Photographer + Playlister

Kalin Pham-Nguyen


Michael Gibbs

Writer + Videographer

Martin Quintero

Photo + videographer

Monica Grider